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had this girl in my heart and this girl in my head
wriggled into every part, not excludin my bed
i thought "damn i really made it", thought that was it
thinkin "im on some of that forever shit"
i lost myself in findin her and got real joked
pickin up pieces of myself like that glass that broke
but was it half empty or half full before it fell
im feelin like that water: finally free of its shell
im findin myself, fuckin findin some help
realizin that i really need to help myself
im droppin the pretense, erasin the weakness
feelin like i gotta own up and embrace the bleakness
embrace the blankness of this freaky canvas
gonna paint my own brand across this land
its the start of startin over and embracin my mantis
so here ya go, over i hand this, my atlantis

back in command of this ship called 'me'
headin straight from the land out into the sea
fuck a map, fuck a compass, this direction all me
sendin off all my setbacks that i really dont need
this is my position, i can see the sharks fishin
im free of my constant fear of imposition
and im finally ready to trust my intuition
here i am, i am now, and this is my position
the start of somethin great, im done with the bitchin
and the scars from the severance didnt even need stichin
not good with sharp pain, but fine with hard knocks
got outta two schools like that shit was fort knox
ive learned the hard way that when fate knocks
you gotta let him in, you gotta break off those locks
everything starts from within, that i see
so im goin for two majors: one in phil and one in me.



from SOME KINDA WAY, released August 10, 2017


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